Silver Laced Orpington

When I saw the Silver Laced Orpington, I had to have one… and another…and.  My Silver Laced Orpingtons are breathtaking in my flock; they stand out like  shining stars!  Because this is a very new color in the United States I continue to work on selective breeding for lacing crispness, body shape and large size.  The genetic pool is small and there is always work to be done on newer colors, but my birds are truly lovely!!!

Silver Laced Orpington Hen with crisp lacing

Silver Laced Orpington Genetics

The lacing gene is complex. It is a recessive trait.  That being said, like Chocolate Orpington hens, Silver Laced Orpington hens are not split.  They cannot hide their genes.

My birds are pure English Silver Laced Orpingtons from 3 different blood lines. Breeding a pure bred to another pure breed breeds true.  As with all genetics though, lacing crispness will vary. I am breeding the best laced to improve this new color.  I am also selecting birds with larger heads as well because this breed can use some improvement in this area.

Silver Laced Male x Silver Laced female = 100% Silver Laced
Silver Laced Male x Gold Laced female = 100% pure Silver Laced females and Split Males (Silver and Gold Laced)
Split Male x Silver Laced female = 1/2 Silver Laced hens and 1/2 Gold Laced hens. 1/2 the males will be pure Silver Laced (receiving one SL gene from the hen and one from the rooster) and 1/2 the males will be split.

To make this easier to understand, remember males can be spit and only donate one gene and females are never split, donating one gene.

It is very important to note that breeding Silver Laced Orpingtons to Gold Laced Orpington can add genetic diversity to the line, however it can have color ramification-yellowing.  I do not recommend this. If you want to work on genetic diversity it would be better to breed black into the line and then work to select for lacing. The black would have less chance of corrupting the coloring.



The Silver Laced Orpington have white feathers laced with black.  This breed is fairly new to the US and therefore it is still being refined.  Ideally lacing should be crisp.  Lacing is distinct on the carriage of the body and the hackles are white with black throughout as seen to the left.  The undercarriage is duffy and black. The lacing should be clear and crisp, but is still under development in the US.


The English Orpington is a heavy soft feathered bird.  It requires high levels of protein year round to keep it’s downy plumage in excellent condition.   The undercarriage of this lovely bird is thick and downy as is typical of the Orpington. The legs are silvery white or pink.

Silver Laced Orpington Hens

I currently have 3 bloodlines that I am working with.  Working with this color has been fun and challenging.  I find the Silver Laced Orpington a rare beauty.


I am excited to offer chicks this spring for sale.


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