When I discovered the world of the dehydrator I was hooked! There are so many wonderful things you can do with you dehydrator, including beet chips.  I like to use white beets which are sugar beets, but darker colored beets are rich in anthocyanins and readily available at your market almost year round.  I like beet chips because they are easy to make and gooood for you.

Before you run out and spend a bunch of money on a dehydrator I recommend buying one off CraigsList.  People sell the round ones for a song.  you can also look for sales at the end of the year after canning season. Once you are hooked and believe you will use it I recommend the Excalibur.

Beet chips can satisfy that munch urge.

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Making Beet Chips in your Dehydrator
Course snacks
Course snacks
  1. Peal beets. Slice as thin as possible with a mandolin, by hand or with a food processor. The beets should be the same thickness. This is important because they need to dry evenly and at the same time. Combine beets in a bowl with enough apple cider vinegar to lightly coat and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Place on Dehydrator screens. You can lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper if you like for added flavor. Dehydrate at 105 until crisp (about 4 hours).
Recipe Notes

You can try balsamic vinegars of all different flavors on these for a fun variation of flavor and sophistication.

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