Downy feathers of the English Chocolate Orpington

English Chocolate Orpingtons

My family will tell you I love the color brown, so it is no surprise that I fell in love with the Chocolate Orpington.  They are sweet-natured and docile.  When I let them into the yard with me they are never far.  Several of my hens were friendly from the get go and enjoy being snuggled.


The Chocolate Orpington should have be a rich chocolate brown.  There should be no red presenting in the feathering.  We move pullets with undesirable coloring to the egg production side of the farm and keep only the choicest hens and roosters for breeding.


The English Orpington is a heavy soft feathered bird.  It requires high levels of protein year round to keep it’s downy plumage in excellent condition.   They posses an abundant soft undercarriage of feathers as you can see to the left. Body feathers should be abundant and tight.

History of the Chocolate Orpington

This beautiful colored Orpington is believed to be brought to us by the late Dr. Clive Carefoot who is a rock star in the chicken world.  I am so grateful to Dr. Clarefoot for his dedication to chicken coloring genetics and the body of knowledge that he passed down.

Understanding the Genetics of Chocolate Orpingtons

The chocolate gene is a recessive gene that is a dilution of the black gene. Hens present as chocolate when carrying only one of the genes (but can carry two), whereas males require two genes to present with the chocolate coloring.  It is important to note that a male can carry one chocolate gene and pass it to his offspring. Chocolate chicks are brown with yellow on their tummies, under their chins and on their wing tips.

Chocolate Orpington Rooster best

My Breeding Program

I have been working with this color for 5 years now. Once the I had selected for body shape and feathering I moved on to combs.  Once I felt the comb was at standard I moved on to size. My birds are huge!  I acquired a new giant rooster 2 years ago I named Goliath.  He has produced wonderful large fowl English Orpingtons. If you are looking for a gorgeous bird, this is it!  I hatch and grow out a large selection of birds each year to use as breeders.  Only the best are kept and the rest move to the egg production side of our farm.

Ordering Chocolate Orpington Chicks

The chocolates are great producers of eggs.  I produce an abundance of chicks each year. Click here to head to the ordering page to order your chicks.

Chocolate Orpington Genetics Chart

Pure Chocolate Cockerel x Pure Chocolate hen = 100%

Pure Chocolate Cockerel x Pure Black hen = 50% black male split
(presenting black carrying a chocolate gene) and 50% chocolate hens.

Pure Black Cockerel x Pure Chocolate hen = 100% Black
chicks, However, they are Split Males (presenting black with a chocolate gene) and the hens will
be pure black.

Split Black Cockerel (carrying chocolate gene) x Pure
Chocolate hen
= 50% Pure Chocolates both males and females
and 25% Black Split Males (Presenting black with the chocolate gene) 25% Pure Black

Split Black Cockerel (carrying Chocolate gene) x Black hen =
25% Pure black cockerels, 25% Black Split Males (You won’t know which males are split carrying the chocolate gene), 25% Pure black females, 25% Pure
Chocolate females.