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Various Breed Filler Chicks


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Looking for extra chicks to fill out your order?  You never know what you’ll get.  These various breed filler cuties are more than likely from my breeding projects to produce the best egg layers for our production side of the farm.  I have a quest to make the loveliest colored eggs with the best feed to egg conversion and I am actively breeding for this.  You may receive pure bred Orpingtons, Marans or Cream Crested Legbars as well as my hybrid layers.

Out of stock

Product Description

Various Breed Filler Chicks

Complete your order to meet minimums with these beauties.  Buy your chicks here for a safe journey and friends for your flock! Order as many chicks as needed.

Shipping is from May-July 1 and September-October

We do this because weather conditions are usually better during these times.  It’s too hot for chicks in July and August!  Also, We rest our birds on pasture during this time so that our eggs are healthy and our birds are happy.

Lavender Orpington Pullet Heron's Nest FarmLavender Orpington Pullet Heron's Nest Farm


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