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English Chocolate Orpington Chicks


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Large Fowl English Chocolate Orpingtons.  Nice large rounded rumps on the hens and a rich chocolate brown plumage.

All orders enter the que. Chicks are shipped as soon as ready.  Order today before I close orders for Spring!

Chicks are available almost year round.  Mix and match chicks to get the minimum required amount of chicks for safe transportation (6).  These little beauties would be a wonderful addition to your flock!


Out of stock

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Large Fowl English Chocolate Orpington chicks

The English Chocolate Orpington was my first set of pure bred Orpingtons and so this pen is my most refined.  I have an extremely large rooster over my largest hens with lovely rounded rumps and tons of under duff.  These birds are so sweet and docile.  I have 3 bloodlines in this pen for genetic diversity.  To read more about these gorgeous birds you can click here.

These are sold straight run.

Shipping is from May-July 1 

We do this because weather conditions are usually better during these times.  It’s too hot for chicks in July and August!  Also, We rest our birds on pasture during this time so that our eggs are healthy and our birds are happy.

When  placing and order you will be notified when all the chicks in your order will be available for shipping.



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