Gold Laced Orpington Chick


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Gold Laced Orpington Chicks 5Large Gold Laced Orpingtons.  Lovely crisp lacing with downy undercarriages.

All orders enter the que. Chicks are shipped as soon as ready.  Order today for fall shipping!

Out of stock

Product Description

Order your pure bred Gold Laced Orpington chicks here!

I love everything laced. These hens are so fluffy and gorgeous.  I currently have two roosters over my flock of lovely ladies.  I have 2 bloodlines in this pen for genetic diversity.

Lacing is crisp in my breeders.  Size varies, but I am currently breeding my largest hens only and splitting off smaller girls to create a bantam.  If you are interested in smaller Gold Laced Orpingtons then check back in the future or email me.

To learn more about The Gold Laced Orpington check out their page here.

These are sold straight run.

Shipping is from May-June

We do this because weather conditions are usually better during these times.  It’s too hot for chicks in July and August!  Also, We rest our birds on pasture during this time so that our eggs are healthy and our birds are happy.




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