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Blue, Black and Splash Orpington


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Blue, Black and Splash Orpington Chicks.  Lovely and large.  Gorgeous birds that are sweet with English type.

Splash Hen

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Product Description

Order your Blue, Black and Splash Orpington chicks here!

The Blue,  Black and Splash come straight run and you never know what you will get. There is a lot of variance in the Splash and Blue. These birds are lovely and large!

To learn more about these beauties head over to their page here. The Blue Black and Splash Orpingtons are large and lovely.

These are sold straight run.

Shipping is from May-July 1 

We do this because weather conditions are usually better during these times.  It’s too hot for chicks in July and August!  Also, We rest our birds on pasture during this time so that our eggs are healthy and our birds are happy.



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