Pure bred chicks for sale

We specialize in pure bred Orpington chicks as well as Olive Eggers, our own hybrids of production layers and filler chicks from Heron’s Nest Organic Farm.  Our pure bred chickens are raised organically on pasture for optimum health and cruelty free practices.


Chicks can be purchased at any time.  Orders are filled in the order received.

Shipping occurs March-July 1 and September-October.  It’s too hot in July and August and too cold in November-February.  We rest our birds and sending healthy chicks is our priority.


There is a minimum 6 chick order.  You can buy filler chicks if necessary to up your order.

6-15 chicks $45

16-100 chicks is $65

Chicks are shipped from Eugene, Oregon with a heat pack, bedding, and organic feed and fruit. Chicks are shipped at an age when deemed they are stable for travel.  Only organic food is supplied for chicks before and during transport as we are and organic farm.