Heron's Nest Organic Farm ~ Our farm offers pure bred Orpington chicks along with organic fermented hot sauce and more!

Heritage breed chickens in fantastic colors!

Serving local customers in Eugene, Junction City and the continental US.

Rare & Heritage Birds

pure bred orpington chickens
Organic cooking recipes

Fermented Hot Sauce

fermented hot sauce

We Love What We Do

We love organics, permaculture applications, biodynamic concepts and the chance to share that with people through the products we make and our conscious decision to farm the land with loving intentionality.

On Our Farm

Baked Delicata Squash

Baked delicata squash is my favorite winter squash.  Delicata has a mild, nutty flavor.  I love flavoring it sweet or savory. Its flesh is smooth and creamy when baked. Baked delicata squash are great served as is and you can even eat the skins on them if you like. Maybe you received some in your CSA box and wonder what you can do with it? Don't be [...]

Cranberry Tangerine Spread

Cranberry Tangerine Spread - This is a wonderful holiday spread.  If you make it around Thanksgiving when the cranberries are prevalent you can give it at Christmas as gifts! I like this with tangerine juice, but OJ will do just fine.  As with all canning, get the best ingredients you can afford.  This makes for a superior product and since canning takes a bit to [...]