The Gold Laced Orpington has a glorious deep golden red feathers laced with black.  The lacing is crisp and  and stunning.  You will love having a Gold Laced Orpington in your flock and people will always oo and aaah over this chicken!

I am currently splitting my pens to work on creating a bantam Gold Laced Orpington and in my second pen I am selecting for large size, crisp lacing and large round rumps at a 45 degree angle. These birds typically don’t swing into lay until light hours are really on the rise.  Usually Gold Laced Orpington Chicks begin shipping in late May.



The English Orpington is a heavy soft feathered bird.  It requires high levels of protein year round to keep it’s downy plumage in excellent condition.   The undercarriage of this lovely bird is thick and downy as is typical of the Orpington.  The legs are silvery white.



The Gold Laced Orpington originated in Germany.  This is in actuality a Black Laced Buff Orpington. It was standardized in Holland and in Germany and brought to America in 2012.

This breed will breed true. It is recommended that at the 3rd generation that it is bred back to a Black Orpington to maintain it’s size.




Gold Laced Orpington chicks have bronze orange heads with tawny bodies.  Their beaks are horn colored and their eyes when grown are a warm orange that compliments their feathers nicely.

Lacing develops over time in laced Orpingtons.  Usually by 7 months  the lacing is really developed in these birds.

The young cockerel to the left is 6 months old here and is really showing his superior lacing, especially in the tail.  His coloring is rich as pictured below.


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