The first step after harvest is washing the peppers.  The peppers are cored, the tops removed as well as most of the seeds.  The peppers are them put into a Weston Fruit and Apple crusher.  The crushed pepper pieces are put into food grade barrels with pickling salt and sealed.

Fermentation is the most prevalent method for preserving food safely in the world.  Adding salt to vegetables extracts the water and creates a brine.  The naturally occurring lacto bacillus bacteria thrive in the salty brine and ferment the pulp into a low acid mash.  The low pH of the pepper mash preserves it against degradation and imparts a champagne like flavor.  Fermentation is a traditional alternative to using vinegar (acetic acid).

After fermenting for sixty days the pH of the pepper mash lowers from 5.4 to less than 3.0.  The mash is then processed through the food mill, which separates the skins and remaining seeds from the pulp.  The remaining pulp is pure pepper delight!

The finished pulp is cooked to a temperature of 160º F.  Each sauce is a blended combination of hot and sweet to taste and preference.  A pinch of garlic, onion, smoked paprika and a dab of wine vinegar round out the flavor.  When the flavors have blended and the sauce has reached its finished temperature it is bottled straight from the kettle.