Every pepper begins as an organic seed germinating in the greenhouse.  In Oregon, peppers need extra heat to germinate.  Here you see peppers growing in the heated germination table.

Once the pepper plants grow true leaves, they are potted into their own planting cells.  Each pepper plant spends two more months growing to size and waiting for the soil temperatures to warm and the threat of frost to pass.

We use a custom human propelled transplanter to tuck each plant into the field.

Since 1989, Heron’s Nest has cultivated the finest topsoils full of biological life and essential nutrients to produce the finest quality organic vegetables and fruits available.

Peppers in the field are fed nutrients and irrigated through drip tape.  Plastic mulch helps keep soil temperatures high and helps control weeds. Hot peppers have a much wider leaf than sweet peppers.  These Chinese Lantern plants grew three feet tall and produced clusters of habanero type red peppers.Since the peppers are grown only for hot sauce, they are allowed to ripen fully before harvest.  That means the sugars and flavors are developed to their fullest.  These Italian Sweets look and taste like candy!