Heron’s Nest Organic Fermented Hot Sauce is a small batch, hand crafted, pepper delight.  We start with the finest mix of sweet and hot peppers grown organically here on the farm.  The peppers are picked when flavor is at its absolute peak.  Peppers are then packed in barrels with pickling salt until they ferment like champagne!  The resulting mashes are mixed into the perfect combinations of medium, hot, and super hot to meet every pepper lover’s preference.  Each bottle is packed with a full palette of flavor and outstanding heat.

Every batch begins with a base of fermented Sweet Italian Peppers, Hungarian Cheese Peppers and assorted chile peppers grown to their ripest.

We use a combination of hot peppers to achieve a balance of heat – from the tip of the tongue to the top of the head!

All of our peppers are grown from seed to field under organic conditions – using fertility from our chickens!

Growing Organic Peppers

Making Fermented Hot Sauce

The Final Product!