We are really exited to share with you about some of the changes occurring on the farm!know what you

We launched our organic pasture-raised egg CSA this month.  We love the idea of meeting you and having a greater connection with the community.  With eggs being in such high demand many of you are happy to have your dozen delivered at a reasonable price and to know you have weekly eggs. for more info you can click right here.

We love writing inspiring messages in our egg cartons.  Now you can read them here online.  We can add comments and encourage each other to be our true, vibrant selves here in the online Nest.

I am posting recipes here for eggs and favorite seasonal dishes.  You can check in occasionally or join our mailing list which should be running in October.  One of those opt out things and we hope to compartmentalize it, so if you just want recipes you can get that or if you just want inspiration, etc… Click right here to see our recipes.

We are doubling our flock this year, adding organic flax meal to the hens diet, planning a Spring farm tour, and looking on how to reduce paper waste in our products!

The mission towards sustainablility continues to unfold and in the coming months we will be writing about how our farm works to be as sustainable and biodynamic as possible.  We hope you will enjoy coming here and we look forward to getting to know you!