Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington Chick buy chicks


The Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington should be a rich chocolate brown.

The cuckoo possesses the barring gene giving it a striped look.

The chick on the left has the barring gene as evidenced by its white spot on its head.

There should be no red presenting in the feathering.

We move pullets with undesirable coloring to the egg production side of the farm and keep only the choicest hens for breeding.


The English Orpington is a heavy feathered bird.  It requires high levels of protein year round to keep it’s downy plumage in excellent condition.

They posses an abundant soft undercarriage of feathers.


The cockerel to the right is an example of a double barred Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington.  He is almost 3 months old here.

Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington Rooster Pure bredChocolate Cuckoo Orpington hen sale


The chocolate Cuckoo Orpington is just stunning in the yard!

I love the rich color and the distinct barring on this bird.

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Understanding the barring gene…


A Single Barred Male X Barred Female=

25% males will be single barred

25% males will be double barred

25% barred females

25% solid females


A Single Barred Male x  a Solid Colored Female=

25% barred males with one (single) barring gene

25% barred females

50% of the birds will be of a solid color.


Double Barred Male X Barred Female=

50% barred males that will carry the double barring gene

50% of hens will be barred.