Colossians 4:6  Let your speech at all times be gracious, seasoned with salt, to know how you ought to answer anyone.

Salt is really unique.  We use salt when we cook for the purpose of intensifying flavors.  That is how it functions.  It works on our tongues to help us perceive the flavors already there.  At one time salt was like gold.  Countries with salt deposits were rich.  To win wars and conquests an army marched on its stomach.  Food had to be transported long distances and was often preserved with salt.  Salt in the body, in the proper amounts helps with maintaining cell integrity. Sodium ions are used in the body for electrical signaling in the nervous system.  Salt is essential.

When Paul spoke about salt, I don’t think he was thinking of all these things.  I’m sure he was thinking of flavor.  Salt makes bland food palatable.  How palatable are you?  What flavor are your words?  Bitter, sweet, tangy…

The good news that Love has come to free us all from mind sets that bring death into our consciousness should be one that people savor.  What makes us palatable to others?  What calls folks back to us to know more?  It’s grace.  For you Christians out there who know the textbook definition of grace as” unmerited favor”, I challenge you; stop looking at people as saved or “un”saved.  Remove judgment.  Give unmerited favor. THAT is the law written on our hearts which is the law of perfect love.

Some of you may be worried about others’ pasts?  Maybe you think you have the right to judge the disposition of another’s soul?  Do you really think you are qualified to do that?  As long as you approach others like they are broken you are standing in judgment over them–therefore putting yourself back under the law–and you come across like a seedy used car salesmen.  It’s hard to see past a shaking finger and a blatant lack of humility.  It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Loving is easy when you hang out with the lover of your soul—Jesus.  When you are in love the world is rosy and everything is sweeter.  If we all lived like we were madly in love what a world this would be!