Spring coop cleaning tips for chicken care

It's Spring! Time to get your coop freshened up!!! Now is the time to get your coop freshened up.  I always have tons of energy in the spring.  I've been cooped up (no pun intended) all winter and as soon as there is a break in the weather, I'm so excited to get out and [...]

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SO you want to start an egg CSA? Part 1

So, you want to start an egg CSA?  Feeling overwhelmed?  How do I start an egg CSA?  How many hens should I have?  How doe I hatch enough birds?  What kind of birds should I get?  How will I keep chickens? What kind of infrastructure do I need? How... In the next series of articles [...]

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Trellising Tomatoes for a Successful Harvest

Trellis your tomatoes now for ease of care all summer... Staking tomatoes is not necessary if you are canning and don't care what the tomatoes look like.  Staking does allow for adequate air circulation and ease of harvest.  In addition, you can cut limbs off for less cumbersome plants and by having fewer limbs devote [...]

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Planting Organic Strawberries

Planting organic strawberries takes some forethought.  Berries are highly profitable if planted correctly and fed in a timely fashion.  Use this tips to help you be successful! Planting Plant strawberries in well drained fertile soil in early spring when ground can be worked. This is the most important step! Buy bare root [...]

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Making a heated seed box for propagation

It's time to plant spring seeds! Now that we have passed the Winter Solstice and the days are growing longer my heart has turned to visions of of my garden finally  being perfect this year.  Ok, it can't be perfect because I have a zillion ideas, BUT I'm ready to fill it with the wonderful [...]

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Tips for keeping your chickens warm in winter

I love my chickens and I want them to be happy and warm in the winter.  When I first got my chickens I would worry about them getting cold. Maybe you are worried about your lovelies as well.  Here are some tips for keeping your hens warm all winter. Remember hens have down coats [...]

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Blue Laced Orpington

The Blue Laced Orpington is one of my favorite Orpington colors.  Lacing varies in these birds as does color intensity.  I select for a six pointed comb, 45 degree angle of the tail feathers and crisp lacing.  Plumage should be downy with a full undercarriage.  Legs on Orpingtons should NEVER be yellow. By sticking [...]

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How to Plant an Orchard

When planting an orchard there are a couple things that will help make your experience a success. Find a nursery that has healthy plants.  Ask around for recommendations. It is best to buy your bare root trees and get them in BEFORE they bud out.  As you can see we were late in doing this. [...]

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