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Spring coop cleaning tips for chicken care

It's Spring! Time to get your coop freshened up!!! Now is the time to get your coop freshened up.  I always have tons of energy in the spring.  I've been cooped up (no pun intended) [...]

SO you want to start an egg CSA? Part 1

So, you want to start an egg CSA?  Feeling overwhelmed?  How do I start an egg CSA?  How many hens should I have?  How doe I hatch enough birds?  What kind of birds should I [...]

Spraying organically for flea beetles

You can defeat flea beetles organically! A combo of these two organic sprays will win the war.  Flea beetle damage is something plants can grow through. Flea beetles are nasty [...]

Trellising Tomatoes for a Successful Harvest

Trellis your tomatoes now for ease of care all summer... Staking tomatoes is not necessary if you are canning and don't care what the tomatoes look like.  Staking does allow for adequate air circulation and [...]


Cranberry Orange Dehydrator Bars

Here we are just past the holidays.  Maybe you are getting healthy with a new year's resolution or just trying to eat snacks that will give you real energy.  These little cranberry orange dreams will [...]

Making Your own Yogurt

It's getting cold and now is the time I turn to crafting a bit indoor.  Homemade Greek yogurt is so tasty and fun to do.  It takes just a few items and I feel like [...]

Baked Delicata Squash

Baked delicata squash is my favorite winter squash.  Delicata has a mild, nutty flavor.  I love flavoring it sweet or savory. Its flesh is smooth and creamy when baked. Baked delicata squash are great served as is [...]

Easy Organic Homemade Cleaners for Fall

Easy Organic Cleaner Recipes Homemade organic cleaners are easy and economical.  You just need a few ingredients that you probably have on hand in your home!  It's this time of year when the dust settles [...]


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