Heron's Nest Organic Farm ~ Our farm offers pure bred Orpington chicks along with organic fermented hot sauce and more!

Heritage breed chickens in fantastic colors!

Serving local customers in Eugene, Junction City and the continental US.

Rare & Heritage Birds

pure bred orpington chickens
Organic cooking recipes

Fermented Hot Sauce

fermented hot sauce

We Love What We Do

We love organics, permaculture applications, biodynamic concepts and the chance to share that with people through the products we make and our conscious decision to farm the land with loving intentionality.

On Our Farm

Trellising Tomatoes for a Successful Harvest

Trellis your tomatoes now for ease of care all summer... Staking tomatoes is not necessary if you are canning and don't care what the tomatoes look like.  Staking does allow for adequate air circulation and ease of harvest.  In addition, you can cut limbs off for less cumbersome plants and by having fewer limbs devote the plants energy to the production of BIGGER fruit! Place [...]